P1 – Axminster Substation


Project: New Switch House, Access Road Surfacing & Trenching
Location: Axminster Substation (Live Switchyard)
Client: Western Power Distribution
Role: Principal Contractor
Duration: 14 weeks

The replacement of ageing switchgear at this substation necessitated the construction of a new switch house building in a confined corner of a live compound, with challenging access conditions. In keeping with the locality, the new switch house was constructed following a traditional brick-built, pitched roof design.

Allied to this, a network of pre-formed GRP multi-core trenching distributed around the compound was installed. This was completed whilst the surrounding equipment remained live. Some unique situations arising from changes in level required bespoke solutions designed and implemented by Grant Construction.

The narrow access track (which was a public right of way) was resurfaced, whilst public access was maintained at all times.